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August 28, 2013
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Female bullies exist by Clelius Female bullies exist by Clelius
True story.

I wonder why female bullying is undervalued.
Female bullies can be just as mean as male bullies.

when I was in elementary and middle school (and still now in HS) the 90% of people that teased me and were mean to me were girls.
Most boys on the other hand were nice to me and tried to help me most of the times.
Other girls laughed of me, did things just to annoy me, and told me that "I was an inferior being" and that "it would have been better off if I were dead" (their words).
And they were always able to get away with it.
When I was in 5th grade I was told it would have been better off if I were dead by a girl, just in front of the teacher.
And the teacher did nothing because "she was a girl".

Because of those bitches I developed sort of a lack of trust towards my own gender, and I have severe issues interacting with other girls, while with guys it's easier.

And that's what happened to someone who doesn't care about insults, what other people think of her, and teasing. In fact, probably the only thing that really hurt me was that "it would have been better off if you were dead".

But really, I try to avoid getting teased and laughed at if I can, therefore I have problems interacting with other girls, even if they are my friends.
Because I think they are going to laugh at me and tease me when I'll turn my back, and worse of all, won't have the guts to tell things to my face.
I'd like people to tell things to my face, at least.

TL; DR: girls can be bullies too and can be just as mean as male bullies.
It's not true that "boys are always worse"; my experience, and the exprience of many other people I know, it's a proof.

Read these:……

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Lady-Raijin Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let's just say I had it awful in year 8.
While Primary school was quite minor,I still had one girl bully.Although I ended up punching her in the stomach on the last day of school.No matter what I said to the teachers,she would still do it,so when she tried to ruin my last day,the bitch had it coming.
But Year 8 was a whole different story.If anything,it was the WORST year I've ever had.Ever.
Anyways,I had problems off the boys who would make fun of me for my appearance.Not only that but I had many issues with my friends and a commanding bitch who controlled them.It didn't help that they were my friends from childhood,and they were just reduced to sheep.So I left them in January of this year for my new current friend,who happens to be a guy.

It was going pretty fine,until a cunt called Angel started bullying me.
She was one of these really popular girls who thought she ruled the school,she would call me ugly when she looked like a trainwreck.Not only that,but people would defend and side with her,saying that she was 'Nice'.Also,I had a habit of calling people 'Asswipe' when I was pissed off,so naturally she started calling me it.Let's not forget how I was being bullied by a fucking teacher.Yeah,you thought that was shit enough,but no.This guy would emotionally abuse me and my friend,saying we were useless compared to the rest of the class and keeping us apart on purpose.Eventually I solved the problem with him with help from my parents (Love you guys for that) and he stopped being a douche.

But one day,I had enough.As I was walking out from maths,one dickhead made a particular comment about my vag,and naturally,I was pissed.Angel's pathetic follower's starting mobbing me,even Angel herself started pushing and hitting me.She had already threatened to fight me several times,and this time I fucking had it.I punched that cunt 7 times in the face,I even gave her a black eye from the beatdown.Hell,I even went nuts on her and slammed her into the lockers.Then,people were saying how I battered her and how I was Rocky Balboa.They even started calling me Rocky for the rest of the year.Her friends would go up to me and hug me,asking if I was okay.But my victory was kinda short lived.Two girls called Chloe and Morgan approached me while I was eating outside with my friend.They would not leave me alone no matter what,but Chloe pushed me when my back was turned.I turned around to confront her,but she pulled my hair to the ground.She and her friend attacked me,people trying to split us up.But I got my revenge,and strangled the both of them during the fight,and so I was able to defend myself.A teacher finally came out and she was even punched by one of them.Chloe ran off like the little bitch she was,and Morgan remained behind.

To finish it off,the year coordinator blamed me for the EVERYTHING.Even getting bullied in the first place.Fucking victim blamer.Mostly because of the 'I went Rocky Balboa on Angel thing'.I was in tears,having had enough.I had begged him to take me home,for Dad to pick me up.I wanted to move schools,to find some new friends,to get away from the hell I had to endure.But no,he forced me to stay at school against my will.Dad picked me up at hometime and I was just an emotional wreck.Mom was crying from how callous the school was towards me,and my Dad and Sister were simply outraged.A week later,I came back.Having seen me,Chloe,Angel and Morgan came up to me.I patted Chloe's head,saying 'What pretty hair,it would be a shame if somebody was to RAG it out'in probably the scariest way possible,she ran away along with Morgan that day.Angel would swear and occasionally make gestures at me in the corridors,but her friends stayed the hell away from me.Luckily,she hadn't seen the fight with me,Chloe and Morgan herself.

But,Chloe moved away to god knows where.So the unfortunate people at her new school have to have her now.Morgan is now scared shitless of me,and Angel's precious Ego had finally been rattled.I start year 9 in two days,having no idea what the hell was going to happen.After constant harassment off students and teachers alike,I was no longer the sweet and shy kid I once was.
I was Rocky Balboa.
Well,of the school that is.
Clelius Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Grade 8th was terrible for me as well, pal. I didn't get through as much shit as you, but it was pretty shitty anyway. I was lucky that I was never physically bullied though. When I hear stories such as yours I actually feel lucky that I didn't get it so bad :/
Lady-Raijin Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eh,don't worry.You must have gone through shit too,besides,I don't get why people would bully someone who is so nice.
That was a mouthful,that could probably fill up a book. :XD:
Getting physically bullied can be an up and a down.Mostly because it hurts,but you can go to the teachers with more proof.
But sadly,they didn't do much and they would always tell you to ignore them.Teacher logic,because we condone bullying!
On the plus side,Angel is not going to be in any of my new classes,so,yay! :3
XxInfamousWormxX Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was a female bully back when I was a kid. It's really complicated since you always have to prove to male bullies that you are the boss, so they can let you alone.
Liek, I had to beat up every smaller kids I saw... Ew. At least I changed and I defend people from bullies now.
Such a disgusting past, right ?
Clelius Featured By Owner 6 days ago
We all have done something we regret or have been assholes at some point in our lives. The important thing is that you changed; some people never do.
You can't expect the people you bullied back then to forgive you, but you're a better person now, and that's what matters. The past is the past, we can't change it, no matter what.
XxInfamousWormxX Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know right ? I changed when I moved from my old house.
I never saw the peeps I bullied again. I don't really think they even remember about me.
The worst part is that... Some people ACTUALLY liked me when I was bullying kids... So, I continued like a dog that want attention.
But I feel much better, now. True friends is the best thing ever. ;3
xXcookiesandcakesxX Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i mostly seen on videos or movies girls being bullies why who said female bullies didnt exsist
Clelius Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
Some teachers I used to have IRL said that :/
xXcookiesandcakesxX Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
oh , wow i've been bullied by girls before
Boadica Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
I have only been bullied by girls not guys. And I've been bullied a lot.
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