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August 28, 2013
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Female bullies exist by Clelius Female bullies exist by Clelius
True story.

I wonder why female bullying is undervalued.
Female bullies can be just as mean as male bullies.

when I was in elementary and middle school (and still now in HS) the 90% of people that teased me and were mean to me were girls.
Most boys on the other hand were nice to me and tried to help me most of the times.
Other girls laughed of me, did things just to annoy me, and told me that "I was an inferior being" and that "it would have been better off if I were dead" (their words).
And they were always able to get away with it.
When I was in 5th grade I was told it would have been better off if I were dead by a girl, just in front of the teacher.
And the teacher did nothing because "she was a girl".

Because of those bitches I developed sort of a lack of trust towards my own gender, and I have severe issues interacting with other girls, while with guys it's easier.

And that's what happened to someone who doesn't care about insults, what other people think of her, and teasing. In fact, probably the only thing that really hurt me was that "it would have been better off if you were dead".

But really, I try to avoid getting teased and laughed at if I can, therefore I have problems interacting with other girls, even if they are my friends.
Because I think they are going to laugh at me and tease me when I'll turn my back, and worse of all, won't have the guts to tell things to my face.
I'd like people to tell things to my face, at least.

TL; DR: girls can be bullies too and can be just as mean as male bullies.
It's not true that "boys are always worse"; my experience, and the exprience of many other people I know, it's a proof.

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Like my cousin. Who bullied me and my friend online. She's also a SJW/Feminist tumblr supporter.
I was bullied by "feminists" as well.
And then people wonder why I don't like to call myself feminist but I'd rather be called equalist if they really want to label me.
That's sad. I don't want to be feminist actually. (Was one at first, later I dont want to be one.) I would prefer call myself an egalitarian. I don't believe in labels anyway.
Yup. One can apply a label on themselves and not act like that label preaches at all. Or the opposite. Yhat's why I don't believe in labels.
Same. Just because we aren't feminists, that doesn't mean we disrespect women's rights. In fact, I can't stand those who say "I support womens rights, but they shouldn't cross-dress or shouldn't have jobs!"
darkblaze15 4 days ago  Professional Writer
Most bullies I've met were girls.
I was bullied by girls -_- they won't bully physically most of the time, but some will like exlude you and stuff yeah girl bullies can be really mean. 
BeadGCF17 6 days ago  Student General Artist
girls bully girls which causes them to hang out with guys instead, which then causes them to possibly act more like guys/tomboys and then get bullied more.. i mean what the FLAREJSFKJNDSF?

yeah.. i just kind of used pencils and stabbed people with them if they were bullying me.. so.. >.> havent really had any problems since last year.. probably because my main adversary (who i threw a binder at once and destroyed another with my bare hands because of) is in another hall, but still. nobody really messes with me anymore XDDD except the ditzy idiots where nobody really pays attention to what they say
Bullying is awful, regardless of gender.
Yes, girls suck! I mean, I'm a girl, but I hate my gender so much, because they will hate each other just for what they like. I know not all girls are bad, but I just can't stand to be around girls like that. I prefer either being around guys like me or my female friends, who are incredibly sensible and not demons.
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